Frequently Asked Questions

First Time Home Buyer

We know the industry and know how much other companies are trying to make off every loan. We have our comp levels set at least a half point lower than the competition which allows our company to always provide the lowest rate at the lowest cost on any given day.
Yes, we have two programs which offer 100% financing. VA Loans and USDA loans both allow for 100% financing. Check the programs tab to see if you are eligible.
Typically 3% to 3.5% of the sales price (that's $3,000 to $3,500 per $100,000) unless you are eligible for VA or USDA financing.
Typically 580
We have a non-prime program that allows for credit scores down to 500. The minimum down payment will need to be at least 10% but might be more depending on specific scenario.
Cash will need to be seasoned (sit in bank account) for at least 60 days, in order to be used.


Yes, we have several non-traditional loan products. The favorite is the bank statement program. The bank statement program allows your income to be calculated based off 12 or 24 months worth of bank statements as opposed to using your tax returns. Monthly income is calculated by using cash flow to bank account.
We have our recent credit event program and you can be one day out of foreclosure, short sale, deed in lieu or bankruptcy.
No you do not! We can write mortgage for primary, second/vacation, and investment loans to foreign nationals


You have a higher interest rate than the current market or you are looking to shorten your loan term. Maybe you need cash or want to consolidate debt. Or use a renovation refinance to update your home.
There’s a lot less stress and usually allows for reduced documentation. Sometimes appraisals are not even required.
Usually 6 months after your home purchase or prior refinance.
So long as there is a net tangible benefit, there’s nothing holding you back.
Need a 620 credit score and all repairs/improvements must be permanently attached to the property. A HUD consultant is required for repairs greater than $35,000. 15 and 30 year fixed loan terms. Max loan amount is $484,350.
Yes, we are offer FHA streamline, VA Interest Rate Reductions Loan (IRRRL), and Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). All 3 items allow you to drop your mortgage interest rate with no appraisal needed.

Investor Loans

Case by case basis but usually 500
Yes we do. The property has to be an investment (can't be used for primary or second/vacation home). We require 20-25% down and we source the funds. No other questions asked.
Two ways: 1st way, if the rent covers the mortgage payment, we can do 20% down (or cash out/refinance up to 80% LTV). 2nd way, if rent will not cover mortgage payment and no lease exists, we can do 25% down (or cash out/refinance up to 75% LTV)
Yes, we offer multi family loans for 5 units up to 100 units.
Yes, we offer two type of mixed use loans. One for 51% primary use and another for 51% commercial use so we have you covered whether you need a primary or commercial mixed use loan.
Yes, we offer commercial financing up to $100 Million. Check out eligible property types under the commercial loan programs tab.